PCR Urinary Tract Infection Testing

A better alternative to urine cultures

Urinary Tract Infections: PCR

Urinary tract infections are among the most common types of illnesses of all ages.

However, in some instances, a lack of accurate and efficient diagnostics has led to UTIs being misdiagnosed or inappropriately treated.

Conventional laboratory culture techniques can take 3-7 days to return. These techniques may be limited in that they only detect the most common pathogens like E coli; yet, there are numerous other pathogens that cause UTIs. These are usually missed because they don’t easily grow in a culture medium.

Clinicians have often been left with no choice but to prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics while awaiting test results. Unfortunately, this has contributed to the growing epidemic of antibiotic resistance.

Our Clinical Solutions

Assure Laboratories offers the clinician access to the most advanced molecular methodology for pathogen detection, quantification, and resistance gene identification. Assure delivers rapid and precise results simultaneously through a value-based technology platform, which incorporates regional sensitivity and susceptibility patterns, antibiotic spectrum of activity, and FDA guidance.

The end product is a patient-centered, value-based care solution that enables providers to make informed treatment decisions that could avoid inappropriate therapy, excess costs, adverse drug events and the progression of disease.

Our Clinical Advantages

  • Prevents Delays in Diagnosis & Treatment (*24 hrs. Post Lab Arrival)
  • Detects Polymicrobial Infections Simultaneously
  • Identifies 24 Antibiotic Resistance Genes
  • Unaffected by Concurrent Medications
  • Reduces Unnecessary Drug Exposure and Adverse Events
  • Decreases the Progression and Spread of Infection
  • Improves Selection of Narrow-Spectrum Antibiotics
  • Prepares Clinicians to Make Cost-Sensitive Treatment Decisions
  • Easily Accessible (Mobile, Web-portal or EHR Integration)